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West Midlands
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Giri Babu Gaddam
Managing Director
IT Consultant
​LL: +44 (0) 121 686 0653
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About Us

​Clout Softech Ltd, established in 2013, is one of the fastest growing IT consulting and development firm.  We integrate new and innovative strategies to stay one step ahead of an ever changing market. We have extensive experience in application development, support and Quality Assurance for our clients and partners. Our promise to increase the client performance capabilities and efficiencies are based on our expertise in applying cutting edge technology and outsourcing without compromising on quality. Every Clout Softech solution is designed to overcome the challenges of increasing customer demands, ever changing technology trends and aggressive release deadlines. Leveraging our industry intelligence and technology background, we design and build software that is customer friendly. We always strive to create solutions that leave our customers with a complete satisfaction in their businesses for years to come.

Our team : At Clout Softech you will find experienced, committed and dedicated staff, who possess, outstanding knowledge and flexibility in engagement with the client is what makes us to thorough understand the key business needs and makes us to maintain focus on achieving the bottom-line results. Our promise to increase the client performance capability by taking the conceptual ideas of the clients which needs to be developed into a concrete one and we are pledged to do just this by providing clients with talented leaders, skilled innovators who can contribute towards business performance, productivity and profitability.