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Quality Assurance

Clout Softech understands that every organization and every project has unique needs when it comes to quality and software testing. Quality Assurance by itself has become a highly specialized and complex  area. We work closely with every potential client to precisely understand their needs and then create a customized plan to deliver the right solution. Business-critical systems and applications have to be thoroughly tested before they go live. It is not just the development of an application, but also making it pass through several testing procedures, helps in avoiding unexpected glitches to disastrous consequences.  Clout Softech Testing Consultants are experts at understanding the unique testing requirements of our clients. Our Testing Resource capability boasts a pool of resources with experience in varied domains and technologies. The clients leverage our testing capability to mature their testing portfolios - process improvement, tools leverage, and better requirements management.

Our Test Consultation Services include:
• Process Expertise and Tools Approach i.e. Strategy, Evaluation, and Implementation
• Turn-key Project Delivery
• Test Programme Management

Our Testing benefits include:
• Increase in product/project quality through effective defects targeting
• Implement a defect tracking life cycle
• Differentiated value proposition through custom testing tools and solutions
• Reduction in time to market period through effective work of our expert testing team

Depending on the project we incorporate different types of testing in the testing cycle. They include

·         Platform testing

·         Compatibility and interoperability testing

·         Alpha and beta testing

·         Destructive testing

·         Usability and software performance testing

·         Security testing

·         Mobile Application testing

·         Automated and manual testing

·         Independent software testing