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Software Development & Maintenance

Clout Softech also provides consultancy in Software engineering and provide end to end solutions for your application development. We help you identify your requirements, write specifications, design, develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms, including Mobile & Internet technologies. The various software engineering services provided by Clout Softech include Custom Software Application Development, Software Application Implementation, Software Application Maintenance and Support.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and so does the technology. Due to this the IT companies often face problems in bringing out innovations in new products and services. But at Clout Softech we can assure you that we provide consultancy right from the conceptual stage till the product branding with better quality and reduced time-to-market. We have an excellent track record of successful implementations for various products catering to varied business domains.

Software testing plays an important role in taking any company’s performance and reputation forward. There are many things like production flaws and delivery damages that can turn fatal for the profits and in turn repulse the customer loyalty. Clout Softech offers consultancy in these related fields too that helps in reducing costs as also the business and technical risks. Our clients benefit from a proven industrialized testing process that leverages our onshore and offshore resources. Our combined knowledge of domain experts and test engineers ensures high-level, comprehensive support to help you achieve the highest standards for testing effectiveness.

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